by Malene Birger flagship

Now that spring is here and stores are opening again, Copenhageners want to look their best. This also goes for by Malene Birger and we are very excited to be part of it. COPRA is acting as local architect on the refurbishment of their flagship store at Antonigade. More to come…

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New restaurant concept

A new restaurant concept is entering the Danish market. It’s Dutch, it’s convenient and it’s based on fresh ingredients and great taste. La Place Restaurants is the name and is opening soon at a great location in the Copenhagen Central Station.

We are proud to be part of a dedicated team which has been working hard from safe distance and through online meetings to get this project flying. SSP Group Plc. is the developer, COPRA is the architect, MOE Denmark are the engineers, 2LP A/S are providing fixtures and construction work.

During these hard times we must stay alert and ready for a (hopefully) not to distant reopening of the business in Denmark. More to come..

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7 JACK&JONES outlet stores rolled out across Europe.

Racing against time to meet openings before Black Friday, we pulled through 7 projects for JACK&JONES in just about 7 weeks. A great digital set-up and a strong team effort made it possible to create extensive technical drawings in no time.

Now that the dust has settled it is in its place to give a big thanks to Gert Jensen (2LP A/S) for being such a pleasure to work with on these projects. His professional no-nonsense attitude really made it possible to pull through.

And of course, our own Mads Lind Hauge (COPRA) who really bend his back and gave his outmost to make it happen. Truly a team effort!

On that note we would like to whish everybody a cozy warm and merry Christmas! 🎅🏽✌️

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We are moving!

he coming Monday we are taking over our new premises at the beautifully restored Edison building centrally located in Northern Amager.

We are looking much forward to that extra space for people, drawings, material samples and all the other great parts that go into the COPRA office.

One of the first things that are going to be installed is the coffee machine - so drop by anytime. The address is Prags Boulevard 80, 2300 København S.

We also have an empty desk, so if you know someone who is in need of a very affordable place to sit in a welcoming professional workspace, just let us know. We will of course share some photos, once we are all set.

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