Alûstre Mykonos

In the trendy jet-set island of Mykonos, we were given the chance to design the very first Alûstre concept store. A huge privilege and responsibility in a demanding location.  Our brief was to create an Alûstre feel, but translated into that Mykonos summer vibe, with great respect for the unique local heritage. That brief let to a light and simple interior with the cream and sisal colors as a contrast to the dark rich walnut and burned brass.

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Alûstre Showroom Bredgade

For the past 1½ year we have had the privilege to work with a new and upcoming cosmetic brand called Alûstre. They recently won a Danish Beauty Award. If you don’t know them already, go check it out - those are some really nice products! Our first job was to create a showroom for them at Bredgade in Copenhagen. We took in some of that cozy feeling you can find in Copenhagen and combined it with genuine luxurious materials and high end feel that correspond to their brand identity. Enjoy the photos and we will soon share a bit more of the other projects we have done together with Alûstre in the past...

#COPRA #edison #amager #retail #architecture

Lagkagehuset Copenhagen Airport

A couple of weeks ago a refurbished version of this small but very busy Lagkagehuset emerged at Copenhagen Airport. We are proud to take part of yet another 🍰 project and are working to see the next one open in a very short while...

#COPRA #edison #amager #retail #architecture

Happy New Year 2024

Happy new year! We are back and starting the year with two new Lagkagehuset projects at the CPH airport. We are looking much forward to 2024 with more really interesting projects in the pipeline to share later on 😲 And as always, we are excited to see what else the year will bring and ready to take on the challenge.  Best whishes to all 🎆 2 0 2 4 🎆

#COPRA #edison #amager #retail #architecture

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