The first La Place restaurant in Denmark

The first La Place restaurant in Denmark has opened at Copenhagen Central Station...

The opening of the restaurant was beautifully timed with the lifting of Covid restriction and now travelers can indulge in great food in great surroundings. We are proud to have been the architect on this project and are whishing La Place all the best of luck now and for future projects!

It has been a true pleasure working with the Dutch brand La Place Restaurants and the fantastic people at SSP Group Plc.. Especially a big thanks to Laila Uldahl Eisø Betina Jensen and Martin Gredsted (Gaihede). As always great work by 2LP A/S who did both production of fixtures managed by Jacob Skotte and Jimmi Soegaard as well as construction, lead by Morten Boesen. The professional team that made this happen also included skilled people at MOE – with a big thanks to Mette Veith Schroeder for such a great cooperation.

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