Here are 5 of the best minimalist store designs to aspire to.
Minimalism is about focusing on the essentials. By stripping away the unnecessary, the necessary becomes evident and valuable. It is a choice made in the way we live, how we eat, what we wear and much more. It is a trend that never really goes away, but we see a new blooming in the recent years. Here are some retailers and designers who have been very successful in their store design:

1) COS
Just pick one! Steady and convincing store design every time.

2) Celine - Valerio Olgiati

3) Arket
Simple, monochromatic and VERY effective.

4) Mark Tan, Copenhagen – David Thulstrup
Confident use of materials - especially the glass bricks.

5) Valextra, Milan - John Pawson
Minimalistic to the bone. Great use of lighting.

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