COPRA aids in classic architectural tasks as well as special tasks within retail. We design and plan constructions for private clients as well as business developers. This includes architectural design, obtaining building permit, completing technical and construction drawings as well as project management and other assistance during the construction process. Feel free to look at some of the exciting projects we have been involved in under ‘Cases’.

Specifically, for retail tasks, the services can be further described under three categories: concept development, interior design and project management.

Concept development

Here we create the concept of the company's physical presence when meeting the consumer. It may be a start-up company that needs to establish its first physical point of sale or the existing brand that wants to update its physical concept to accommodate the new retail experiences the customer expects. A concept is created in close collaboration with the brand and is based on the company's strategy combined with COPRA's knowledge of future retail.

Interior design and
building permit

If a company already has a concept, COPRA can deliver the interior design of high-quality based on existing guidelines. COPRA does not only have years of experience in interior design but also in-depth knowledge of how a retail concept matures, is made commercial and prepared for global rollout. As part of this, COPRA also assists with the development of guidelines for interior design and the development of furniture and fixtures.

An important part of getting to the finish line, when rolling out a retail project is, of course, building permits. Here COPRA has local experience and knows what it takes to meet the requirements of the Danish authorities.

Project Management

It is crucial to have a professional supervisor to manage the project and ensure that the end result is in line with the ambitions. COPRA offers complete project management and construction management. With many years of experience, COPRA can manage the project through the construction phase, keep track of all tasks and get safely through the challenges of the construction phase. This ensures that the store is ready on time and with the shortest possible construction period as well as within the budget.

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